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Property Tours

Video Tours are available!

Here are the property tours for our listings! Click the link below and take a look. You never know, you might like what you see. Take a look and tell us what you think. 


Want to see one of our properties in person or would like more information? 

Call us at 217-774-3675 and let us take you around and/or answer some of your questions.


Here at RE/MAX Properties, we use a wide-angle photo and video camera to take pictures and make video tours of our listings. With a wide-angle camera lense, you see more of the room/area not only in pictures but also during any video that was taken so that potential buyers see the most out of your property and are drawn in to seeing it in person.

Here at RE/MAX Properties, we also have an aerial drone that we can fly up and take aerial video of your property and the surrounding area so that potential buyers can see where the property is located, what all is included, where the closest neighbors might be, what the local area has to offer them, and much more.

canon eso rebel camera.jpg

Wide - Angle Camera : used to show as much as possible in the photo

Ronin Gimbal stick.png

Ronin Gimbal Stick : we use this on our Camera to help stabilize it while taking photos for the best result possible.

Aerial Drone with Camera : it can be flown up to take video of the property and surrounding area.

We offer video walk-through tours on some of our properties that literally takes you from the front of the property and walks you through and around the property as if you are actually there.


We use a wide-angle camera because it allows us to get as much detail as possible shown of the property. Pictures may "tell a thousand words" but, for us, they give an idea of that the property looks like & can help buyers decide to see it in person. 


On some properties, an aerial drone is flown up to take video of the property from an aerial/sky view[point showing the front, back, and surrounding area of the property. This is useful tool whether its for a home in the country, land/acreage, or a business/commercial property; it helps with potential buyers who live further away and more.

If you like what you see, give us a call and we will take you through the property in person. You may decide you want to stay!

dji phantom 4 pro drone.png
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